The Poodle Puddle
The Poodle Puddle
UKC Grand Champion "Leo"
It is our mission to produce beautiful, healthy, intelligent, well balanced, multi-colored poodles; to improve this amazing breed!  Our poodles are not just "breeders."  They are our cherished family members for life. 

They sleep in our beds, are well socialized, excersized daily, are fed the highest grades of raw food and holistic kibble; to maintain perfect health.

We do not dock the tails of our pups.  We love the look of the full tail. 

We do not cut dew claws either. 
Breeding Quality Standard Miniature & Toy Poodles:
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We guarantee the health of our puppies.  All of our poodles have been tested for PRA (eyes) with INGEN and/or Genomia

Also tested clear of PRA.

  All of our toy and miniature poodles get their patellas checked regularly by our vet.   All have tight, solid patellas, strong hearts, perfect bites, straight solid hips etc. 

Our standard poodles, have been tested for vWD, HD & Eyes. We are in process of OFA certifying all of our poodles.  Some have been done, some still in process.
"Forest" one of our UKC champions
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We are are not a kennel.   Although you see a number
of poodles on this website, we are 3 separate breeders, sharing a
website.  Each of us only has 3-6 poodles living with us.  Any
additional poodles that we own, live in permanent foster homes as

   We vow to you, that each and every poodle that you see on this website is loved and lives as a cherished family member.

All of our poodles are sold with a "
No Breeding" contract.  There are No Exceptions.  We sell to pet homes only. Registration papers are not given until I get Proof of spay/neuter.  Our very strict spay/neuter contract is enforced.

We do not ship our puppies.  We sell our pups to local families only so that we can keep in touch regarding the welfare of our pups. 
CKC Member and The Poodle Club of Canada